Banquets on yachts are always notable for special style and festive ambience. I cook on yachts quite often and always use the opportunity to surprise the lovers of sea promenade with something especially memorable and delicious.

Queen prawns with paella rice.

Not long ago I delightfully accepted the invitation from an old friend of mine to demonstrate a high gastronomic class for his demanding guests, among whom there were pop-stars and some celebrities.

The party took place on his yacht in Monaco. Knowing my friend’s taste, I offered several versions of menu. Planning a favourable surprise for his guests we chose … Moelle de Boeuf Henri IV with caramelised potatoes and toasted bread stuffed with mango and young wall-nuts. Shrimp Flambé Ricard with milk mousse on maize custard with flavour of sage, Guinea fowl marinated with Provence herbs dressed with sauce Grand-Veneur, and Thinnest French Apple Tart for dessert.
I was honoured with appreciation of famous guests and immense gratitude from my friend.

Foie Gras