My experience of wedding table started in Château de Monbazillac known for its spectacular wedding parties where I arranged feasts at more than 500 wedding occasions.
On the whole my experience counts 1500 wedding banquets.

Not long ago in Nice there was a wedding party of Yulia and Alex. The groom and bride decided to invite a private chef for arranging the wedding table well in advance. After long and thorough selection they chose me.

I offered them to build up a menu of various dishes of French cuisine.
The future newlyweds chose the Canapé assortment… Foie Gras with Monbazillac Pear Sauce… Sea Bass Stuffed with Thin Slices of Smoked Duck with Champagne Sauce, Provence Herb Lamb with black Olive Juice, Mature Cheese Farandole, and Pièce Montée in the shape of Venetian gondola.


The bride and the groom were quite satisfied with the entertainment.

Canapes with cured ham on banquet table