My name is Olivier Varache. I am 50 years old of which 34 years I have dedicated to carrying on the traditions of my family in exploring and perfecting French gastronomy…

Since I was a young kid my dream had been to produce masterpieces of fine cuisine. I always had the example of my grandfather and father who cooked and experimented, unveiling the secrets of traditional French cuisine to me… In this day and age many of these recipes have already been lost and forgotten by most chefs, however, I, for my part, carefully treasure them and use them in my everyday work.

I started my career as a chef at the age of 16 and was always resolved to penetrate not only into the tenuities of cooking formulae, but equally into the food processing technologies. I worked as an intern at the fromagerie in Bordeaux, learnt the skills of meat cutting from professional butchers, went out to sea aboard fishing vessels.

I have travelled around France seeking to absorb the peculiarities of various cuisines from all over provincial France. The south west is famous for its foie gras. This staple of traditional French cuisine has become my speciality which I acquired in Bergerac.

I have always only had one idol: the unrivalled Auguste Escoffier, “The King of Chefs and Chef of Kings“, whose unquestionable mastery in the art of gastronomy has once and for all become a benchmark of exquisiteness and mastery for me.

All the experience and skills that I have accumulated, all the secrets that I have come to know, I put at your service day by day, never stopping to grow and perfect my skills, all in the eternal search for new gastronomic solutions.

I wish you to find genuine pleasure in savouring my cuisine…

Olivier Varache