Nowadays, it has become a sign of good taste and high life to organise a banquet in one’s own house and invite a chef. Passion for gastronomy is becoming a hobby for many educated people. There is growing interest to adorning the table with antique silver, porcelain and crystal is growing. Traditions bring us to France, which, from the earliest times, was famous for its haute cuisine and gourmandise.

We guarantee that your occasion will win the highest gastronomic rating “Haute cuisine d’ Escoffier” thanks to the chef d’oeuvres of French cuisine created by a Top-Class Chef Olivier Varache.

Check out the Menu section on our site, visit Gallery of Dishes, read the story of the French Chef Olivier Varache, and you will understand that you found who you were looking for.

Diadem is good when all diamonds are in place. There should not be compromises in the choice of a chef. You can afford the best – gastronomic class, professionalism, ingredients of highest quality and freshness, adherence to the true traditions of French cuisine, refines taste, exclusive service, experience of work with the most demanding customers, and all that makes Chef Olivier Varache one of the most famous and sought after on Côte d’Azur of France.

Let yourself enjoy life! You deserve it!


Have a family holiday soon? Want to throw a party? Invite a top-class chef to your home, and the success is guaranteed. You will surprise your guests with dainty dishes of exclusive French cuisine. Your guests and family will appreciate your delicate taste and aspiration to get the best in life…
Wedding is always a very beautiful occasion. On such day, a bride and a groom need special attention. Let us delight you and your dear ones with the most delicious and beautiful dishes of French haute cuisine. We guarantee that food will come as a pleasant surprise and will leave the most pleasant memories. Enjoy the designer cuisine from Olivier Varache…
A child’s smile always induces a smile in response. It is always very delightful to give presents to children. However, cooking for children is a very challenging task. We have a vast experience in this area, and we know how to please little gourmets. We will prepare children’s food in such a way that it will become an additional tasty and healthy surprise. Let us help you in giving your children a celebration!
Private party on a yacht is always a bright event filled with champagne, beautiful music and pleasant emotions. Light breeze, picturesque seascape and exquisite dishes of French cuisine from Chef Olivier Varache form a perfect recipe for positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!
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