Recently, I was invited to serve a celebration in Cannes which was especially memorable for its family atmosphere.

A year ago, a wonderful woman whose name was Beatrice gave birth to a son on the day of her own birthday. So, every January the family has a double birthday—of the mother and her son. Relatives, friends and colleagues came to congratulate the birthday girl and happy mom.

Celebration for 27 persons was arranged in a beautiful villa in Cannes. Despite a rather cool day it was decided to set up the occasion on an open terrace near the swimming pool. A dedicated area was specially heated where we placed tables for guests.

Beatrice is a big fan of seafood and a sophisticated gourmet; therefore she was not in two minds about inviting a professional chef for arranging a celebration party recommended to her by her Russian friends, and she called me. For the banquet, we selected various seafood dishes, which the French haute cuisine is so rich in.
Happy birthday, Beatrice and little Mikhail!